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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 17, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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kimberly: right now, an urgent search, a navy ship taking on water, seven sailors unaccounted for. what we know tonight. plus -- >> it feels like the community is coming back. kimberly: steps to healing after the ballpark ambush. the community returns to a sense of normalcy as we get an update on the shooting. and a mistrial for bill cosby. what comes next for the criminal cases against the comedian? >> now, abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. kimberly: good evening, i'm kimberly suiters. first, a community taking steps towards healing, the police tape down, things getting back to normal in
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neighborhood, but the impact of the shooting is still fresh in people's mind. tonight, an update on the victims recoveries. matt mika, the lobbyist hurt in the shooting, has undergone another surgery. he is expecting to stay in the icu through the weekend. doctors are seeing a positive result. as for house majority whip steve scalise, he is still in critical condition, but doctors are encouraged by his progress. the baseball field were the shooting happened will officially reopen monday night. ryan hughes is live at the park with the latest. ryan? the crime scene tape has served as a constant reminder the past few days of this senseless shooting, but now it is gone and for the first time a closer look at some of the damage from the ambush, bleachers riddled with bullets. today the fbi finished collecting evidence and reopened part of the park. all
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the dog park and a sense of normalcy is returning to this community. three days after the shooting rampage in alexandria, crime scene tape around the stadium park is coming down. >> it feels good. it feels like the community is coming back. ryan: traffic is again moving around east monro avenue and people are coming to the park. it has been a horrifying few days. >> just trying to focus on getting them back to a sense of normalcy, back to a routine, and making sure they are healing. it was a very tragic experience obviously for the staff who was here. ryan: wednesday morning, 66-year-old james hodgkinson opened fire and ambushed republican lawmakers practicing for the congressional baseball game. house majority whip steve scalise remains in critical condition. the fbi has been processing the scene and today agents finished collecting
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play. more than anything, all the neighborhood dogs need a place to go. ryan: now the community is ready to begin the healing process. >> is been very painful for everybody to see the constant reminder of what took place here. kimberly, within the past 15 seconds, medstar washington hospital center tweeted congressman scalise is now in serious condition, so that is a good update. is where-base dugout many lawmakers took cover from the fire. the ballpark is not officially reopened. that will happen monday during a special ceremony. the leaguers are being asked to wear their jerseys for a photo as they get ready to take back their ball field and neighborhood. ryan hughes, abc 7 news. kimberly: ryan, thank's for that update. in harford count
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the larger impact the shooting has had. harford community college sending an alert about a possible active shooter after summary reported seeing a man carrying what looked like a rifle. no shots were ever fired. 90 all clear was given about minutes later, but it's a reminder that if you see something, please do say something. right now the u.s. navy and japanese coast guard racing to find seven american sailors that are believed to have been thrown overboard with the destroyer fitzgerald collided with a much larger container ship. the fitzgerald's captain and two crew members were injured in the collision. marine records show the container ship made a sudden u-turn before hitting the fitzgerald. >> most of these container ships have what is called a bulbous bowel, under the water line. it's huge, a projection in front of the ship. when the vessel
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above, it put a huge hole under the water line. kimberly: nobody on the container ship was hurt. the collision happened in the middle of the night in a busy shipping lane. the fitzgerald returned to port south of tokyo just a few hours ago. without the forecast was going to be gloomy, but the sun was out and it was hot. wet weather could be on the way. meteorologist josh knight is tracking that. josh: most of today we had cloudy's guys -- cloudy skies. 86 degrees right now, but it took a wild to get the sunshine. and muggy this will be around tomorrow for father's day and monday. right now most of us are still dry, but there are a few showers beginning to pop up. we hang onto that chance for a few more hours. by the time we get to about 9:00, 10:00, should be drying up.
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fredericksburg and loudoun county, working closer to the gaithersburg. really not holding together to well, not getting any lightning. just quick showers, maybe a downpour, then it moves out. one think we are all stuck with a serious heat. it feels like 96 in leesburg and quantico, 93 in d.c. through the evening, the temperatures do not give us much of a break, staying in the 70's overnight. monday, a better chance of severe thunderstorms. i will talk about what i'm most worried about from the storms in just about 10 minutes. kimberly: we will show you what pittsburgh is most worried about -- look at this -- after four roadsf heavy rain, flooded when the drainage systems were not able to keep up with the drenching rain. at one point, a car caught on fire in the middle of the flooded street and people on the side escaped,
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themselves trapped in the rising waters. >> i was sitting in my car and the water started rising real quick. i jumped over the seat on the far right. it kind of came out of nowhere. we opened the door and all the water came flooding in. kimberly: no relief anytime soon. scattered forecast -- scattered showers are in the forecast for that area. the criminal case against bill cosby has end it with a mistrial. after days of deliberation in heated exchanges with the judge, the jury announced they are hopelessly deadlocked. we have this report from pennsylvania with what comes next. reporter: the fate of america's dad is still in question. today the judge calling a mistrial of the sexual assault case against bill cosby. he entered the trial presumed innocent, he leaves presumed innocent. reporter:
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hugging and congratulating, but supporters of the accuser say not so fast. the district attorney's office announcing they plan to take cosby back to court as soon as possible. >> there is no doubt in my mind and all of our minds this was the right thing to do. deliberatede jury for 54 hours, longer than the trial, asking a dozen questions come even wanting to know the exact definition of "reasonable doubt." cosby was accused of drugging and sexually assaulting the woman in 2004. -- heres the all malay case is the only criminal prosecution against cosby of the many accusations. case, but challenging the accusers think it is a simple case. other than mr. cosby, maybe there would have been a different result. reporter:
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stand, but last night spoke publicly for the first time. >> i also want to thank the supporters who have been here. reporter: the a has one year to retry cosby, but we are told it will happen much sooner, possibly in the next few months. new developments in london. authorities have raised the death toll from the deadly inferno at an apartment building to at least 68, which does not include dozens were still missing four days after the fire. prime minister theresa may facing criticism for her handling of that disaster. she met with a group of survivors today. they had no chance, not a 1% chance of surviving. >> those in the capital are
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be held accountable. kimberly: there is no word on the cause. local press is reporting the contractor to renovate at the 43-year-old building used cheap, less flame resistant materials. still to come, the final safetrack surge is underway. what you need to know and what comes next once that wraps up. plus, where the first family will be celebrating father's day. this one surprised me.
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kimberly: happy birthday to the queen, sort of. the official celebration today in england to celebrate queen elizabeth's 91st birthday. her actual
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in april, but the parade ceremony is held every year in june to ensure better weather. it is capped off with a photo op on the bow many with royal family -- it is capped off with a photo op on the balcony with royal family. the first family is spending father's day weekend i can't david. they left the white house for the retreat in maryland. this is their first visit to the rustic location usually used by presidents and their families as a spot to relax and unwind just outside the beltway. it is the 16th and final surge of safetrack underway right now. red line riders will be impacted the next week. there is no train service at shady grove or rockville station. buses will be provided. metro says if you can avoid the area, you should. those changes will be in effect
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safetrack, it marks the beginning of new service hours and fares. stay one step ahead by signing up for mature alerts at /text. still ahead, a celebration of all things pop culture and awesome. we go to the washington convention center forawesome con. and will father's day plans be a washout? the forecast coming up.
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kimberly: do you remember what you were doing 23 years ago? toot of americans were glued the television because on this day in 1994 o.j. simpson led police on the famous car chase. the nfl running
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in the white ford bronco weaving in and out of traffic for about two hours before suddenly surrendering to the police. about 95 million people across the country watch the slow speed chase. in perspective, that same year about 111 million people watched the super bowl. josh: wow. kimberly: i remember the day the verdict came down more. camping.emember people people were listening to it on the radio. kimberly: a long time ago. i thought today was going to be rainy and lightning, and really we got a lot of sunshine today. josh: it started off gray and gloomy, but improved. the mugginess was definitely here today. sunny and hot, really feeling the heat, and tomorrow i think it will feel hotter. this nice picture from the sunset over national harbor. what
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the actual temperatures compared with the feels-like temperature's, a small sample, andegrees bethesda leesburg, but feeling more like the mid-90's. what that means is the air is really muggy. the dew point is into the 70's, which is how we measure the moisture in the air. that is the top category for the dew point meter. keep in mind that sort of feeling sticks around tonight, tomorrow, and monday. most of us are still dry, really just spotty showers popping up. zooming in, middleburg, gaithersburg. they don't stick around long, not lightning associated, not severe weather, but a little bit of rain. keep that in mind, that chance until about 9:00. temperatures working their way down to a just about 83 degrees at 11 p.m., so not much relief. futurecast, this has been overdoing it. this is what t
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like? probably not, but hanging onto the chance until about 9:00, spotty chances. tomorrow morning, cloutier skies, and most of father's day will be dry. at theves in starting west at about 4:00 am interstate 81, continuing into the metro area closer to dinnertime. most of the day, no issues, just hot and muggy. monday is the most likely day of severe weather, so watching monday closely. a.m. 82,morning, 7:00 by 11 a.m. 89, hot and muggy, and a slim chance of a thunderstorm. the more important number, about 98 the feels-like temperature d.c. 97 manassas, really hot. monday, the bigger story is the chance of severe weather, especially around the d.c. area. the extended outlook,
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monday, afternoon and evening, severe thunderstorms. tomorrow the bigger talk will be the heat. a little better the middle of the wii, and act to scattered thunderstorms as we get into thursday. kimberly: when it gets crazy hot like this, we know what time it is. robert: training camp. kimberly: you have melted in it. robert: and you have seen me melt. training camp coming up for the redskins. and the nationals are handling business against the mets right now.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: washington trying to go up 3-0 in the four-game series against the mets. trea turner off to a great start
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home run, nats up 1-0. looks great. oncond inning, jose lobat drives one deep to write, that's gone. right now the nats lead 4-2 in the seventh. o's hosting the cardinals, mark trumbo deep to center field, is my torment of the season. slugfest. right now the orioles lead st. louis 12-7 in the sixth. whether you're are sick of hearing about it or not, one of the biggest storylines, kirk cousins and whether the redskins will reach a long-term deal. the deadline, less than two months to redskins training camp, cousins reflected on the off-season. kirk: i was almost worn out for the season started because i had pushed so
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of my game in ot-1 and training camp one in preseason game one. i've learned now after going through one whole off-season as a starter to pace myself and billboards week one. robert: a big weekend of tennis in the district, wildcard qualifying at the citi open. the winner of the men's and anen's singles will receive invitation to the main draw of the tournament. hodges competing in her first citi open wildcard. the upper marlboro native start applying tennis at just four years old. every time she goes to the court gumshoe to things about her father kevin, who passed away when she was just 9. she is always trying to make her dad proud. in my family, i'm the youngest, but i kind of put them on my back with tennis and the opportunities it came with. it just put a fire to my
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and pushed me, and it continues to push me. robert: awesome. women's soccer, the spirit on the road, facing the red stars. she gathers, finds the back of the net. chicago scores in the 82nd minute to tie it. the game would end 1-1. on. united plays toronto fc the road. coverage begins at 7:30, game time at 8:00, over on news channel 8. thomasu.s. open, justin set a record at nine under. that is it for sports. kimberly: how about kirk cousins saying he needs to pace himself. so justit's early, relax, don't use all of your energy before the season. kimberly: no pre
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kimberly: crowds are packing the washington convention center this weekend for awesome con, celebrating comic books, sci-fi, and pretty much everything in between. this year celebrity guests include satatan lee and a former dr. who star. out early, but tickets are still available for tomorrow. this is the 10th year for the event. woman along the potomac river striking a pose. pretty funny. josh: i imagine there are a few more this year with the movie. kimberly: you should go out before the 10:00 news. josh: tomorrow, hot and humid.
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strong storms. kimberly: thank you for watching.
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tonight breaking news. a deadlock jury in the case against bill cosby. six days of deliberations ending in a mistrial. the promise to retry america's tv dad. now out on bond and camille cosby's message to the judge and the lawyer for the accusers. the desperate search for seven sailors missing at sea. new details about what may have caused these ships to collide. did one make a last-minute turn before the crash? president trump's business boom. new records show millions pouring in to mar-a-lago and he is ramping up his legal team as the russia probe intensifies. the death of hollywood legend carrie fisher. the dangerous medical condition doctors now say that may have been a cause. could you be at risk? sw


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